Helly Visser

Helly is the World Record holder of the 4 x 400m Relay, 2008 for W70-75, (of course with three other fast ladies) and set the current  80+ 1 mile record in 2014.


"Thank you for your treatments for my long standing nerve and hamstring problems. After three treatments, I ran the indoor masters mile in Edmonton on Saturday March 19, 2011 with a great result, 8:05.93, a world record for me which bettered the W75-79 world record of 8:21.49.


Thanks, thanks, thanks."



Jon Bird

3433 Sport Performance Centre - Sport Development Manager

Former Professional Triathlete,

Alberta elite male triathlete of the year 2012

Alberta Provincial Tri Champion 2008, 2009


"I push my body 20 to 25 hours a week in training while striving to achieve my goals as a professional triathlete. Week after week, that rigorous work load tends to significantly beat me up, as a result I have seen my fair share of physio therapists. I made the switch to Dave Holmes because he looks to fix the problem by correcting muscle imbalances, not using 'band aid' techniques that require constant treatment. Dave challenged me to think about exercise differently, gave me the tools to properly heal my body and has helped me become stronger than ever before."



Marc Enter


Alberta Criterium Champion 2014, 2015

Alberta Road Cycling Points Champion 2013

Founder - The Lead Out Project


"I have been to chiropractors for ongoing issues with my back/neck for the better part of 5 years, and had a lot of success with their treatments, but found the effect of the adjustments I was getting was becoming less effective and needed to occur more often. I switched to getting adjusted by Dave (physio - not chiropractor) for 4 years now and I would estimate that I see him about a tenth of the frequency compared to what I used to see the chiro. Oddly, his adjustments, I think, are far more conservative/gentle than that of a chiro. I believe it comes down to Dave's superior understanding of the human body and what can go wrong with it."






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