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Our team of experienced downtown Calgary physiotherapists bring global experience and extensive post-graduate training. From professional athletes to complex pain, our team can tailor the best rehabilitation program to suit your needs



Geoff Cuskelly

BHMS, BPhty, Cert Prog Med Acup (CPMA), Cert Gunn IMS


Founder and co-owner of Tower Physio, Geoff is an Australian trained Physiotherapist with a wealth of clinical experience. Undergraduate education at the University of Queensland in Exercise Physiology and Physiotherapy, has been followed with accreditations in advanced manual therapy (spinal manipulation), traditional acupuncture and Gunn intramuscular stimulation (IMS). His extensive training in gait and biomechanical analysis of runners, allows him to provide assessments, treatment and training programs for all levels of athletes.


Geoff lectures extensively both locally and abroad on sports biomechanics, injury and rehabilitation. Additionally, Geoff is an instructor for the FitforeGolf Program, offering training to his peers on the assessment and treatment of injured golfers.


The passion for understanding the root cause of injuries and to provide hands on therapy is what drives Geoff’s practice.


Dave Holmes

BScPT, Cert Spinal Manip, CAFCI(Acupuncture)


Co-owner of Tower Physio, Dave graduated from the University of Alberta in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. He has had extensive post graduate training in sensori- motor rehabilitation, motor control retraining, acupuncture and spinal manipulation.


Dave developed the Post Concussion Rehab program at Tower out of his philosophy of integrated neurological and orthopedic physiotherapy. Also effective at complex pain presentations, this approach aims to change pain and movement control by focusing on neurological function. For sports injuries, the underlying cause of many conditions is usually discovered using this approach.


Aside from his dedication to his profession Dave is also a passionate competitive road cyclist and founded "The Lead Out Project", Alberta's only Semi-Professional racing team. He was the 2015 Masters A provincial road racing champion and has been racing as a Cat 2 rider since 2012.

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Rob Colling

BSc(Phty), PGDip(Sp.Phty), Msc(Sp.Physio), APAM, MCSP Sport Physiotherapist


Rob is an Australian trained Physiotherapist who has completed Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy), Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy, and a Masters of Sports Physiotherapy degree.


With over 20 years of experience, he has worked with elite athletes representing Australia, Canada and England including Olympic competitors from a wide array of sports as well as professional players from the Fremantle Dockers (AFL), Western Warriors (Cricket) & Perth Scorchers (Cricket: T20 BBL). He has also represented the UK as Team Physiotherapist at the European Championships and World Cup events for Canoe Slalom and as Australian Team Physio for an Australian Cricket Tour against Pakistan.


Rob has recently returned to Canada with his wife Erryn and son Austin.


Away from his work, Rob has been competing at a State and National level in Track (60m, 100m and 200m) since the age of 14 and is currently concentrating on his preparation for the World Masters Athletics Championships in 2016.


Rob prides himself on his use of functional, sports specific rehabilitation to help athletes return to play following injury. He has also mastered the use of Kinesio taping which has an amazing ability to re-educate the neuromuscular system, reduce pain and inflammation, and promote good circulation and healing.

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Tisha Evison



Tisha wants to live in a world where pain is a myth, ligament tears and bone breaks are a figment of someone’s imagination, and she can control the weather for year around recreational gains.


As an Australian trained physiotherapist, she can tackle any joint, but has a specific interest in the shoulder, jaw and concussion. Tisha’s continuing education has gained her qualifications in dry needling and manipulative therapy, and her time at Tower Physio has given her an invaluable understanding of sensorimotor rehabilitation. She is constantly striving to learn new techniques and improve her skills to better treat her patients and get them back to everyday life and the activities they love.


When she’s not treating, you will find Tisha golfing, playing soccer and volleyball, skiing, mountain biking and recovering from her own series of life crushing, pain producing, frustration generating injuries. She views the injuries participating in the activities she loves as character building and invaluable sources of empathy, experience and knowledge.

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Cassie Downe

BSc. Kin (Hons), MScPT


Cassie (Cass) Downe completed her Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta in the Fall of 2016. Prior to that, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Queen's university in Kingston, Ontario with a strong focus in both exercise physiology and sport psychology. Being a former varsity volleyball athlete and current volleyball coach, she has significant first hand experience with sport injuries and the rehabilitation required to return to an optimal level of function.


Her interests include both motor control and hands on manual therapy, while prescribing appropriate therapeutic exercise that addresses the root or core issues. Cass plans to extend her skill set to include dry needling techniques and spinal manipulation in the near future.


Outside of work, Cass can be found partaking in a wide variety of activities. Her weekends are spent in the mountains either hiking and skiing, or out in southern Alberta skeet shooting, bird hunting and fishing. In the city she actively participates in various volleyball leagues, coaches high school volleyball and enjoys boxing, running and golfing - in short, really any activity that keeps her moving!

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Karyn Fereday



My aim is to treat each and every client as an individual, to focus on optimising their function and performance, and work closely with them to achieve their goals.'

Karyn has both an Undergraduate and Masters Degrees in Physiotherapy and has spent over 15 years practising as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. She is a certified Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) practitioner and a fellow of the Canadian Association of Manipulative Therapists.


In this time, she has developed specialized skills in the accurate assessment and treatment of both spinal and peripheral conditions. Karyn believes that pain and injury can disrupt all aspects of life; therefore the primary goal of treatment is to return the patient to their activities as quickly and effectively as possible. Karyn uses her background in manual therapy, intramuscular stimulation/trigger point dry needling and functional movement to help her clients return to the life they want to lead.


Whether she is working with an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, or a patient with complex/chronic pain, Karyn is continually inspired to challenge herself to provide effective solutions to allow her patients to reach their true potential.


Karyn is also passionate about teaching and instructs throughout Canada and the United States on trigger point dry needling.

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Lorrie Maffey

Musculoskeletal Clinical Specialist

BMRPT, MPhty, FCAMPT, CGIMS, Medical Acupuncture.


Lorrie is a clinical orthopaedic and sport physiotherapist who enjoys assisting people to reach their maximal physical potential, be that recovery from injury or optimizing athletic performance. Lorrie sees clients in the private community and also consults for the Canadian Sport Center Calgary, seeing our wonderful Canadian athletes. She utilizes manual therapy including manipulation, GunnIMS, real time ultrasound muscle re-education, yoga and exercises to assist her clients.


Lorrie believes strongly in the role of education for herself, clients and post graduate education for physiotherapists and medical physicians. Lorrie completed Clinical Masters from the University of Queensland in Australia after she graduated from physiotherapy the University of Manitoba.  She has been an FCAMPT since 1996 which was followed by her taking on the roles of mentoring, teaching, examination and then Chief Examiner with the National Orthopaedic Division (NOD). Lorrie has been involved with teaching and policy making for Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation (CGIMS) since 2000.


She has taken numerous post-graduate courses at the University of Calgary.  She has published in peer reviewed journals and in a regular reviewer for CJSM.  She has been Vice and President of CAMPT and was a Syllabus Chair for NOD taking on the projects of developing the Orthopaedic Division internet site as well as the initial major revisions to the Orthopaedic Division Syllabus, development of the initial NOD course manuals and the supporting Policy and Procedures manual.  She has been a longstanding member of the Manual Therapy Steering Committee (MTSC).  Since 2002, she is involved in international standards of education for physiotherapists by being part of the Standards Committee of the International Federation of Orthopaedic Physiotherapists (IFOMPT) which is a subdivision of the World Congress of Physiotherapy (WCPT ) and therefore The World Health Organization (WHO).


Outside of physiotherapy Lorrie loves spending time outdoors with her daughter and partner hiking, biking, canoeing, gardening or spending time in with their animals (hamster, 2 gekkos, 1 dog and over 60,000 bees!)

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Ashley Smith

Musculoskeletal Clinical Specialist

PhD, BAppSc(Physiotherapy)


Ashley has returned to clinical practice in Calgary following completion of his PhD and 3-year Postdoctoral Research Fellow studies at RECOVER Injury Research Centre within The University of Queensland, Australia.  His research studies focus on the processes underlying central pain mechanisms for those individuals injured in road traffic collisions, and how these processes can be modulated, especially with exercise or physical activity.  Ashley has been an invited speaker at several international conferences to discuss his peer-reviewed publications on whiplash, the cervical spine and pain mechanisms.


 Ashley has an extensive history as a physiotherapy clinician, with over 25 years of experience, primarily providing consultations for individuals with persistent musculoskeletal pain following motor vehicle trauma.  He achieved the designation of Clinical Specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (Canada) in 2011 and was admitted as a Fellow in the Canadian Academy of Manipulative Physiotherapy in 2001.


Ashley has a strong preference for guiding patients towards evidence-based care that will significantly improve pain and function that is meaningful for each individual.  He believes collaboration with other healthcare professionals is essential to assisting patient’s gaining the care they require.

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David Lindsay

BHMS, BPhty, MSc, CAT(C)


David is a Physical Therapist with a Masters degree in Athletic Injury Rehabilitation. He is involved in active clinical and research practice at Tower Physio and the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre.


David is currently involved in several research projects at the University of Calgary dealing with hip problems as well as golf related injuries. He has published more than 15 research papers in various international medical journals and lectures extensively throughout the world.


David is a highly experienced Gunn IMS acupuncturist and manual therapist and world leader in the recognition and management of hip conditions as well as golf injuries. His clientele includes numerous elite professional golfers such as Jason Zuback (4-time World Long Drive Champion), as well as members of the PGA and Canadian Tours.


Away from the clinic, Dave enjoys golfing, playing hockey and wind surfing.

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Michelle Byrne

MScPT, BScKin(Hons), BMus


Clinical Pilates Instructor


Michelle graduated from Queen’s University in 2012 with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy. In addition, Michelle holds Degrees in both Kinesiology and Music from Memorial University of Newfoundland.


Michelle has completed training in Rehabilitation Reformer Pilates through STOTT Pilates (Spinal, Pelvic and Scapular Stabilization and Peripheral Joint Stabilization). Michelle is certified in Functional Dry Needling (IMS) through KinetaCore. Post graduation, she also completed courses in Soft Tissue Release Techniques, New Advances in Hip Rehabilitation, K-Taping and Level 1 and Level 2 Acupuncture through Acupuncture Canada. In addition, she completed her Level I Orthopeadic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy exam.


Michelle is a strong advocate of active rehabilitation for recovery and injury prevention. She uses a combination of Pilates principles and exercises, traditional exercise, manual therapy and dry needling to provide treatment to her patients. Michelle believes that the strength of a client and therapist relationship is at the core of successful physiotherapy. She combines compassion and empathy with technical skills to empower clients to live their best life.


Outside of work you can find Michelle enjoying skiing, mountain biking, triathlons, hiking and camping, as well as playing her flute with the Calgary Wind Ensemble.

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Yolanda Loo

BScPT, Cert Spinal Manip, CAFCI(Acupuncture)


Yolanda is one of the leading physiotherapist in the city when it comes to pelvic health and rehabilitation for men and women.  Her experience and success working in this challenging field is well respected.


Yolanda is a graduate of University of Alberta's Physiotherapy program of 2000. She has worked as a physiotherapist in Calgary’s private practice setting since graduating. She has special postgraduate training in treating both men and women with pelvic floor muscle dysfunction such as incontinence and pelvic pain. Yolanda has completed postgraduate courses focusing on traditional Chinese medical acupuncture, Govaki transverse needling, on-field sports emergency care and orthopaedic manual therapy.  Yolanda frequently lectures on many topics including male and female incontinence, injuries related to pregnancy and male/female sexual dysfunction, post prostatectomy care and sports injuries.


She is a registered physiotherapist and is a member of the Alberta Pain Society, the International Pelvic Pain Society and the Southern Alberta Sexual Health Association.  She is certified in Traditional Chinese Medical Acupuncture and is on the manipulation roster with the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.


If she is not in the office, more than likely you would see her playing volleyball (on the beach) or riding her sport bike around the city.

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