Class IV Laser Therapy

Tower Physio proudly offers Class IV laser therapy using the K Laser Cube. The K Laser is a painless, dynamic therapy treatment device that effectively helps treat a variety of painful conditions.

Accelerate Healing with Class IV Laser Therapy


What is a Class IV Laser?

A class IV laser (also known as High-Intensity Laser Therapy, or HILT) refers to a laser device that is capable of producing high levels of power output (greater than 0.5 watts of power).

Class IV lasers can deliver up to 1,500 times more energy than class III lasers. As a result, they are able to penetrate much deeper into tissue and consequently reduce treatment time required. Unlike class III lasers (cold lasers) that are utilized in a variety of clinics, class IV lasers produce a thermal heating effect to the tissues that they interact with.

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What is Class IV Laser Used For?

Class IV laser therapy is used to help treat a variety of conditions due to its ability to deliver high levels of infra-red light energy that can penetrate deep within the body. As a result, it is useful for treating any condition where there is a need for reducing pain, increasing blood flow, accelerating tissue recovery and providing heat to targeted tissues.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy is a modality that is based on the ability to modulate light energy and deliver that energy to cells within various tissues of the body as a means to provide therapeutic relief from pain. This occurs through promoting biochemical reactions that take place within the affected and nearby cells. This process is known as photobiomodulation.

This mechanism of healing occurs through photons (particles of light) of specific wavelength(s) emitted from the laser, which stimulate light-absorbing pigments within various cells of the body. The absorbed light energy is converted into chemical energy within the cells, increasing the energy production, leading to tissue healing within the targeted tissues.

Treatable Conditions

Class IV laser can help treat a variety of conditions within the body. Some of these conditions include: 

  • Muscular Repair

    Class IV laser helps repair damaged muscular fibres, fostering the regeneration of the injured muscular tissue.

  • Edema & Inflammation

    Class IV laser helps to activate cells involved in the process of controlling and regulating inflammation, accelerating the resolution of the inflammatory phases of injury.

  • Nerve Regeneration

    Class IV laser therapy fosters the neuronal regeneration and the development of myelin, which are essential processes for nerve healing.

  • Angiogenesis & Neovascularization

    Class IV laser therapy helps to improve blood vessel growth & oxygenation to damaged tissues, accelerating healing.

  • Cartilage Injury

    Class IV laser has been shown to increase the production of chondrocytes and collagen, creating a more efficient formation of cartilage and improving joint functionality.

  • Collagen Production

    Class IV laser assists with optimal alignment and remodelling of collagen fibres and increases the elasticity of tissues.

  • Wound Healing

    Class IV laser has been shown to be extremely effective at the acceleration of wound healing while reducing the creation of keloid scarring.

  • Bone Healing & Repair

    Class IV laser fosters the proliferation of osteocytes and the remodelling of extracellular bone matrix , accelerating the healing of the bone tissue.

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