Downtown Calgary Sports Medicine

Tower Physio proudly offers in-house sports medicine consultations and appointments to our patients.

Dr. Daphne L. Anderson


Tower Physio is proud to be in partnership with Dr. Daphne L. Anderson. She is a qualified MD with a passion for Sports Medicine and the care of high performance athletes and active individuals of all ages. She has familiarity working with sports teams and individuals, and personal experience in competitive sports and performing arts. Dr. Anderson's specialties lie in concussion management, musculoskeletal and soft tissue injury diagnosis as well as injury prevention and care.

Dr. Anderson has over 20 years of clinical practice experience of combined sports and exercises medicine, urgent care, and emergency medicine.

Credentials and certifications include:

  • Canadian Academy of Sports and Exercise Medicine diploma (Dip. SEM)
  • Canadian College of Family Physicians Emergency Medicine RIII trained
  • Certificate in added Competence in Sports and Exercise Medicine (CCFP-EM-SEM)
  • Masters in Physical Education/Biomechanics (MPE)
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc)