Your Downtown Calgary Team

Dedicated to providing the best Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine, Pilates, Massage Therapy, and Custom Orthotics services possible.

Who we are.

At Tower Physio & Sports Medicine, we are a collection of collaborative, compassionate and driven movement and wellness experts. With unique special interest areas provided by each individual team member, our clinic is filled with brilliant and passionate practitioners who work together and gladly share their knowledge with one another to provide the best physiotherapy experience possible for our patients.

Physio & Kinesiology Team


Founder, fascial master & insanely good at golf

Founder & Physiotherapist


Co-owner, motor control guru & neurodevelopmental wizard



The most multi-talented kinesiologist you'll ever meet



The hip master (and is pretty hip himself!)



You're in very good hands with this fellow!



The real deal when it comes to helping you feel better



Human encyclopedia & track star extraordinaire



Makes skilled and compassionate treatment look easy!



Lover of all things strength & conditioning


Sports Medicine Physician


Sports Medicine MD

Massage Therapist

Mona Rae

Massage Therapist




Our team gladly provides:

Evidence-based treatment

Our evaluation and treatment techniques are based on the latest and most proven methods as well as state-of-the-art technology. We take pride in staying up to date with the most recent findings in literature to give you the confidence you need in receiving the best treatments possible. 

A collaborative approach

Returning to your desired level of health and activity can sometimes involve multiple health care specialists. If multiple practitioners are involved in your situation, our team will gladly collaborate with them to ensure the most effective treatment possible.

Education-focused intervention

We believe that effective recovery begins with education. Our goal is to help educate you on your condition  or injury so that you can feel confident in the recovery  process of strengthening and conditioning  your body to reduce pain and dysfunction.

An encouraging atmosphere

Recovery can often times be challenging and full of ups and downs. We are aware of this and strive to make our clinic atmosphere encouraging and uplifting. Our team is always willing to help any patient in the clinic feel empowered and cared for on their road to recovery. 

Our promises to you:

1 We promise to listen to you and to take your concerns seriously. We understand that pain and injury can be unnerving and exhausting. It's our promise that every member of our team whom you're working with will take you seriously while also providing undivided attention as you express your concerns or describe your situation to us.

2 We promise to provide you with an understanding of what we believe your injury or condition to be along with what we believe to have caused it. We also promise to provide you with the necessary strategies to create the optimal recovery process. We believe that recovery begins with education and that education creates confidence.

3 We promise to take a collaborative approach, if necessary, when providing your treatment. We will involve and/or collaborate with other appropriate professionals within or outside of our clinic should it be required. We believe that each patient's case is unique and that there are times when recovery is optimized through multiple healthcare professions.