Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates combines the principles of STOTT Pilates movement education with traditional physiotherapy treatments for rehabilitation, injury-prevention and to enhance general wellbeing. These unique physiotherapy sessions occur in a one-on-one setting in our Pilates studio and are covered by all physiotherapy insurance benefits.

Michelle Byrne

MScPT, BScKin(Hons), BMus Physiotherapist, Clinical Pilates Instructor

Each Clinical Pilates session is designed to accommodate your individual needs and fitness level. An initial assessment of your abilities, body mechanics and any injuries will allow Michelle to create an individualized plan that helps you safely meet your desired goals.

Sessions focus on the basic principles of breathing, spinal alignment, shoulder placement, neck placement, and deep abdominal connection to promote body awareness, build core stability and improve overall strength, balance and mobility. In the clinic we use specialized spring loaded equipment such as the Reformer to provide safe, progressive loading of the joints.

At home, all you will need is some floor space and resistance tubing to continue between sessions.

Clinical Pilates is a great avenue to provide positive, pain-free movement experiences and is a large contributing factor to successful treatment outcomes.

As part of regular training, Clinical Pilates can also help the athlete to integrate body control and awareness to improve their resilience to injury and improve their performance.

These sessions are covered by most extended medial plans under Physiotherapy.