What Will it Take? How Calgarians can Get the Most Out of Their Injury Rehabilitation

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The five words that build a foundation for overcoming challenges

In what could arguably be considered one of the most ambitious goals set within human history, former US president John F. Kennedy made the announcement in 1961 that America was going to safely land a man on the moon by the end of the decade. Not having computers, scientific certainty or even a fiscal budget, the decision to go to the moon was filled with questions, with the proverbial million-dollar question being: What will it take to be successful?

It is said that when Kennedy asked one of the lead scientists what it would take for this to happen, the scientist responded not with scientific calculations or complex mathematical and scientific theories, but rather with five simple words:

The will to do it.

The foundation for overcoming challenges: Dealing with pain, injury and setbacks

It’s an inevitable fact of life – setbacks and challenges happen to us all.

In the world of physiotherapy, these setbacks are oftentimes in the form of injury and pain. Injury, at its best, prevents us from partaking in activities and events that are not only meaningful to us, but activities and events that often comprise a significant component of our personal identity.

At its worst, (in addition to the aforementioned points), injury also brings along pain. Pain can range from presenting as a simple nuisance to a downright crippling sensation. Regardless, it always results in some form of setback and subsequent challenge to be overcome.

At Tower, we see this come in a wide range of scenarios for those whom we treat. Each patient and their circumstance is unique, but the underlying frustration it can bring for each patient is often similar. Rest assured, we can empathize; just because we ourselves are physiotherapists or health professionals doesn’t mean that we ourselves are immune to pain and/or dysfunction. We have our own physical challenges we face as well. Trust us, we get it.

Being in pain and/or not being able to physically partake in your favorite activities is a miserable experience and being fearful of movement is not a fun way to live. Oftentimes, our patients ask us what they can do to help hasten their recovery and rehabilitation process. They want to gain confidence and not be held back by fear, and we fully support those desires.

So, if you’re wondering what it will take to get yourself back on track; to get rid of that nagging pain; to not let yourself be defined by your physical condition or diagnosis; to move a bit more freely or simply to gain more control over your current circumstances, here’s what it will ultimately take: The will to do it.

As always, we here at Tower do our best to help keep your will to do it strong! Our passion resides in providing effective education and effective physical treatment in a supportive and truly compassionate manner. Regardless of the nature of the injury or its extent, our mission is to help our patients feel informed, empowered and significant as we work with them to overcome obstacles and setbacks.

Where to begin as a new year approaches

With a new year coming up, many people will set out to make this the year where they perhaps take their fitness & health more seriously. But many of these individuals either don’t know where to begin or get overwhelmed by the plethora of information they come across. Pain and injury can be complex stuff at times.

The good news is that you don’t need to have all the answers to take the first step forward or create your first action plan. The plan to put a man on the moon eventually took high levels of math and science, but it began with the will do do it.

And when setbacks occurred, when answers weren’t immediate and frustration was rampant, one thing was always constant in the challenge: The will to do it.

Once you’ve taken your initial step of fostering you will, you can then seek out the professionals who can help you sort out the information, provide the necessary insight and advise you of the correct course(s) of action along the way as they help you plot your course to the moon, so to speak.

But, a rocket can’t launch if it doesn’t have a solid foundation to blast off from. Your will for overcoming your circumstances is that very foundation. Without it, you can’t get very far.

And then, when you’re on your way, the will that you’re holding onto will act as your compass as you travel along throughout your journey; it will be your guide to help you navigate challenges and keep your engine of desire burning strong.

Stick with it, even though it may not be easy

“The will to do it” is the manifestation of the acceptance that while knowing it won’t be easy, you will indeed become uniquely qualified to speak life into others who will one day find themselves walking down a road you have already boldly traveled.

It comes down to being brave enough to seek out those who will empower you, educate you, speak life into you and remind you that you never have to go through it alone. It took a team to put a man on the moon, and every team member had a specific role in the journey in order to make it successful.

Above all else, understand and remember that the road to recovery is rarely (if ever) a linear road, but rather one filled with ups and downs, detours and even some back-tracking. Accepting the fact that there will be good days and bad days is arguably the first step to take when bulletproofing your “will to do it”.

Stick with it. There will eventually be more “up” days than “down” days and those “down” days will eventually become not only fewer, but also further between.

Re-gaining control of our lives

Pain and injury often makes us feel like we no longer have control of our situation. A lack of control can be frightening and emotionally draining. But, knowing that we always retain control as to whether or not we throw in the towel or choose to press onwards can bring a life-giving sense of peace and control during these situations.

We can’t control what happens to us, but we can control how we respond to our circumstances. When we are aware of this, we retain a sense of control, which fosters our will for staying the course in our journey of recovery. Simply put: When you have a sense of control, you re-gain hope. And when you have hope, you have strength.

Wishing you the best in the upcoming new year

Our wishes for you in this upcoming year are for you to know and believe that you are greater than your circumstances and that we here at Tower are cheering you on and will do all that we can to help you along the way.
You are greater than your circumstances and you are NOT defined by your diagnosis.

May the upcoming new year be one that finds you climbing up a new mountain rather than sliding down an old one. May you remember that you have greatness within you and that the story you craft from you challenges will one day become a survival guide to others in similar circumstances.

And of course, may you remember that the foundation for what it takes to overcome any negative circumstance (physical or otherwise) is built upon five words: The will to do it.

In health,

Jim & the rest of the Tower Team